CharmGres magnetic stoneware flooring

loose-lay stoneware flooring

CharmGres is a self-laying stoneware floor covering, consisting in monolithic slabs of fully vitrified stoneware protected by a shockproof ABS edging on all four sides, and a substrate of thermoplastic resin with a magnetically charged ferrite filler. The single elements are precision ground and squared to strict tolerances, as well as being slightly bevelled on all sides to facilitate installation. A genuine magnetic stoneware floor, guaranteed simple and quick to install.

Ceramic comes from the ancient Greek word keramikos and means “potter’s earth”, a simple and ductile inorganic material that can be used to create objects of great value. Its origin is even older, however, and neolithic artefacts made of ceramic material dating to the 11th millennium BC have been found in Japan, from where they would have spread worldwide. With the advent of modern technologies, this ancient art has been reinvented and taken to a new level, achieving true excellence in the Modena area of Italy. And it is from here that the raw material for CharmGres is sourced.

Let yourself be seduced by CharmGres

All ceramic slabs and tiles destined for processing to provide the finish for a CharmGres floor will undergo stringent preliminary quality controls to ensure that the requisite minimum manufacturing tolerances can be met. This guarantees the use only of top quality materials, which will then be improved and enhanced further during manufacture.




Upon request we offer customized solutions to support any specific creative needs of the designer.