CHARM FLOOR and raised access floor

Charm Floor can be used wherever there is a metallic subsurface that can activate its magnetic power of attraction.
The metallic subsurface is easily created in any room, either by installing a raised steel floor or putting down a special magnetic foil underlay.

The use of Charm Floor laid over a raised floor of modular steel elements will combine all the advantages afforded by the versatility of magnetic finishes with the ease of access that solutions of this type always provide.

Among the various types of raised access floors on the market, only encapsulated steel elements have the requisite technical attributes able to guarantee optimum use in combination with magnetic finishes

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Any new or existing floor surface can be converted to provide the ideal subsurface for laying a magnetic Charm Floor covering, simply by laying a special metallic foil sheet material, supplied on request.

The metallic foil is nothing other than a flexible resilient sheet material in which a ferrite filler is embedded.
When laid over a clean, flat and uniformly consistent surface, the metallic foil provides the perfect underlay on which to install magnetic finishes.

There are no adhesives involved: the sheet is simply laid down over the surface to be covered.
Once the surface has been prepared, Charm Floor is laid in position and its firm anchorage guaranteed by the force of magnetism.