Plug & Play advantages of the CHARM FLOOR self-laying magnetic floor


A magic and spontaneous magnetic seduction

What is Charm? Everyone wants it, and gives in to it. No one can say what it is. Charm derives from the Latin “carmen”: enchantment, incantation… Charm is the innate power of attraction. Charm is the quality that cancels out indifference. Charm is the capacity always to be the centre of attention, without consciously seeking it.

Charm is the key to every desire..



The magic of Charm Floor self-laying magnetic finishes for raised floors is their ability to transform an interior simply and immediately, always guaranteeing the right balance between visual and functional attributes so important to any occupied space, and without any need for compromise.


There is an elegant power of seduction in the use of classic materials combined with technological evolution, whereby the quality of craft experience is translated into industrial production.


The secret? In short, the use of magnetic force to lay and fix, exploiting the principle of plug&play building methods to provide a floor that is quick and easy to install and remove, customizable at will, and always sustainable.

All of this is offered by Charm Floor, which has a logo inspired by the geomagnetic field that surrounds the planet Earth, consisting in invisible lines of energy by which the terrestrial ecosystems it envelops are protected in a dynamic and unseen interplay of forces.



Find out how Charm Floor products are made and how your favourite traditional finishes too can be reproduced in a self-laying magnetic floor designed for dry installation.



Charm Floor products can be used for any kind of interior, be it in a renovation project or a new building. They are perfect for use in combination with an accessible raised floor of steel construction.


The Strengths of Charmfloor

What are the advantages that make Charm Floor a unique and irresistible product? The design is inspired by three basic principles: Plug&Play installation, customization and sustainability.