Advantages of underfloor heating

Well-being, health and comfort for every need and every season

Thermal well-being

CharmKlima is able to offer an evenly distributed heat, healthier air and optimum thermal well-being in combination with an effectively lower room temperature, given that traditional systems need to generate high levels of heat if rooms are to be warmed sufficiently, resulting invariably in dryness of the air and uneven distribution of temperatures.

Ambient Comfort

With the CharmKlima system, thermal energy is radiated from the bottom upwards, with no displacement of air involved. During winter, the heat is concentrated in the lower part of the body, where the organism most needs it, avoiding inordinate exposure of the head to high temperatures. In the summer season, cooling by radiation eliminates the risk of catching a chill through exposure to draughts from air-conditioning. Since CharmKlima is completely inaudible, there will be no irritating noise of the kind generated typically by blower and fan coil units, so that acoustic comfort is also assured.

Heating and cooling

The CharmKlima system provides both heating and cooling. The temperature of the water circulating in the radiant system adapts to the temperature outdoors, increasing or decreasing as necessary in order to guarantee permanent comfort and well-being.

Health and Hygiene

With climate control using radiation, there is absolutely no convection or displacement of air involved, which means that health and hygiene in the rooms heated and cooled will always be maximized. No more spreading of dust, no sweats or chills, no ailments attributable to air conditioning, and no discomfort caused by dry air: all of which bringing huge benefits for the respiratory system.