Accessible Raised Floor

The technological screed made of steel for raised floors with dry self-laying magnetic finishes

The steel-encapsulated raised floor is a “Plug & Play” flooring system designed for completely dry installation. The flat and homogeneous metal surface makes it perfect for use in combination with self-laying finishes and for activation of the magnetic power characterizing Charm Floor products.

The Charm Floor project came about precisely through the need to provide finish materials for raised floors

The JVP raised floor is a system for “Plug & Play” flooring that features completely dry installation, meaning that the technical function of the floor can be separated from the visual. In practice, the system creates a tough and hard-wearing steel surface capable of withstanding the rigours of building site conditions without difficulty. The permanently guaranteed accessibility of the raised floor panels is totally consistent with the removable design of Charm Floor systems, creating a unique and revolutionary “Plug & Play” flooring system.