Plug & Play


Charm Floor has been developed to allow compatibility with Plug&Play building, a system combining efficiency and effectiveness with ergonomic advantage and sustainability.

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This choice of direction inevitably pointed the way to a completely dry method of installation, eliminating any kind of hiatus caused by waiting for adhesives to dry. In effect, the magnetic system of anchorage ensures quick and easy installation, with benefits all down the line: investors, building contractors, and end users. Moreover, the total separation of the visual grid from the functional grid means that the different needs of the designers involved can be reconciled without difficulty.

... & PLAY

Floor coverings are also quickly and easily removed, whether entirely or in part, temporarily or permanently.

During the life cycle of a building, there can be many reasons for a floor to be taken up: errors made when laid originally, damage to the surface, routine maintenance and major servicing, renovation and refurbishment of interiors, visual and functional requirements… And the beauty of Charm Floor is that it always allows reinstatement of the previous situation, which also means the possibility of creating a new situation with extremely short time scales, low expenditure and minimal inconvenience.


Charm Floor can be used on any type of pre-existing floor

Charm Floor is more than a mere product: it reflects a different approach to building where flooring systems and coverings are concerned. With this in mind we decided it should afford maximum scope for customization, both at the design stage and when actually in use.

Customizing the design

A first limitation to overcome is design-related. The selection of a floor covering without knowing exactly for what application, and for what kind of end user, is never a decision likely to meet with success.
With Charm Floor, the decision can be postponed, so that all parties involved are given the opportunity to make the best possible evaluation later on, when the time is right. And if rooms are to be renovated or refurbished, the floor can also be reorganized to fit in with new design requirements.

Customizing the product

A second limitation concerns the product. The philosophy behind Charm Floor, based on flexibility, is also applied to the actual finishes. The aim is to ensure the widest possible range of custom options by offering ad hoc visual solutions as requested by designers and end users.

And there is more besides. A further step has been made to remove all constraints imposed by the product: where traditional flooring materials sourced from third party suppliers meet the technical requirements for dry installation, we can convert these into self-laying magnetic floors as well.



A key concept in the creation of the Charm Floor range is that of sustainability: in reality, the only kind of technology that qualifies as progress must be one that reconciles the needs of people with those of the natural world, creating a sustainable balance.


Magnetically laid flooring uses the natural force of magnetism, doing away with wet fixing systems and guaranteeing the removability of materials at any time.
With quick and easy removal, floor coverings can remain undamaged throughout the entire life cycle of a building: construction, maintenance and demolition.


Floor coverings retain their magnetic properties fully and permanently, which means they can be reclaimed and reutilized elsewhere.
The life cycle of the product is in any event appreciably extended, and when removed from one location, Charm Floor can give further service at another.


At the end of their life cycle, Charm Floor coverings can be taken up and their basic components then separated for recycling as appropriate, rather than finishing up as landfill, so that the impact of the product on the environment is significantly reduced.