Appearance and Flexibility

The underfloor radiant system — flexibility in operation and total concealment

Visual Impact

The CharmKlima system of underfloor radiant panels is invisible and compatible with any kind of interior: all of the components are housed in the space created under the raised floor. The appearance of rooms is not spoiled by the presence of radiators, neither is there any risk of stains on the walls, which means that the system is compatible with any type of design, a quality much sought after for interiors of great historical and artistic value where compromises are not possible.

Flexibility of Finishes for radiant panels

Complete flexibility in the choice of radiant panels for the application, with no limits on selection of materials. The system is installed on the underside of the raised floor, leaving the top face entirely free of any impediment. To make the most of the CharmKlima system, it will best be used in combination with products of the Charm Floor range, which are designed and manufactured to allow complete integration with the radiant system and able to guarantee unparalleled flexibility.


The radiant panels of a raised floor installation are easily removed to allow inspection of the plenum whenever necessary, and ensure that other systems under the floor can always be accessed without difficulty. The radiant elements can be repositioned to meet any requirement for the reconfiguration of interiors. Maximum accessibility is obtained when the system is installed in combination with dry self-laying finishes such as those offered by the Charm Floor range.