Frequently Asked Questions

Charm Floor

Where can I use Charm Floor?

Charm Floor is suited to any kind of interior, whether in new or existing properties, and is valued in particular for renovation and renewal projects given that destructive building works can be avoided entirely.

What makes Charm Floor a “plug&play” product?

Charm Floor is a self-laying floor, and a completely dry system, quick and simple to install and remove without any destructive preparatory works, and usable immediately after laying, without any wait necessary.

How does CHARM FLOOR work?

Charm Floor is held in place magnetically, making no use of traditional adhesives. All Charm Floor products are coated on the underside with a foil of magnetically charged material, by way of which the floor covering is anchored to a metallic surface beneath.

A metallic surface of the kind in question can be created easily in any interior, either by installing a raised floor or by laying a thin pliable metal foil.

The metallic surface does not form part of the Charm Floor product and is provided only on request. JVP can supply the accessory together with Charm Floor, in either one of the two forms available.

Does Charm Floor always require a magnetic surface to anchor?

Yes. In order to activate the magnetic pose, Charm Floor always requires a metal base with a ferrous base as a base. In the absence of this, the system does not work.

How do I create the metal surface for Charm Floor?

The metal surface can easily be created before the installation of CharmFloor using:

The metal surface is not included with CharmFloor and must be explicitly requested, JVP is able to supply it together with CharmFloor in the desired shape between the two available.

How does the magnetic field used by Charm Floor work, and what adverse effects can it have?

Like any similar product — the classic door magnets on refrigerators, for example — Charm Floor generates only a weak magnetic field. Once the covering is laid over the metallic surface, the Charm Floor magnetic field is enclosed and cannot interfere with anything located above the covering, not even electronic equipment or medical devices.

The highest values measured with a Teslameter are always well below the threshold of 500 μT above which interference can typically occur. Accordingly, Charm Floor is a product that can be used in any interior, without restriction.


Where can I use CharmKlima?

CharmKlima is a hydronic radiant heating and cooling system designed for use with raised floors fabricated from steel. A water based fluid circulated at a given temperature around the system heats or cools the rooms above the floor by radiation.

How does CharmKlima work?

CharmKlima is a hydronic radiant heating and cooling system for raised floors in steel. The passage of an aqueous fluid at temperature inside the system goes to heat or cool the overlying rooms by radiation.

How is the CharmKlima system made up?

The heart of the system consists in an array of modular radiant panels fashioned in aluminium. These are positioned above the legs of the raised floor and anchored magnetically to the underside of the steel panels that constitute the actual floor covering. The panels are then connected to one another and to respective manifolds by a system of pipes and fittings.

Raised Floor

What does a steel raised floor of high quality actually mean?

There are many types of raised floor available, but the CharmKlima system can be used only in combination with steel panels guaranteeing dependable operation of the magnetic anchorage. High quality means that flexural movement in the system must be kept to a bare minimum, and only encapsulated panels can be guaranteed to meet this requirement.